Aerial Silk, Stilts, Hula Hooping and Juggling at Moonlight Circus Themed Event

One of the great things about working in the events entertainment business is that you constantly get to meet new amazing people. And people from all different worlds too! One week you are working folks from a major cosmetics company developing performances for their product launch event, the next you are coordinating with a team of non-profit workers and the folks who their services benefit. You are constantly reminded of the diversity of humanity and the scope of projects that we are all trying to accomplish. It is tremendous to get to be a part of these many celebrations!

Recently Inner Orbit Arts provided circus performances for Bay Area non-profit The Blossom Garden Of Alameda‘s Moonlight Circus Benefit. It was a magical evening for us, full of generosity and wonder. We were so honored to be a part of it and grateful to meet some of the other outstanding vendors including the puppeting wizzardry of the folks form Nymbol’s Secret Garden. We just had a terrific time.

Here are the first few photos we have received from the event. Our performance services for the night included an aerial champagne pour, Juggling and Stilting greeters, Acrobatic Hula Hoop Act and an Aerial Silk Stage Act. Hope you enjoy!

10402717_373615022789969_491266505418428677_n 10632651_373614829456655_1093454075268879094_n10407359_373614792789992_4193727214094408253_n 10734240_373616269456511_4278028723756496843_n10599469_373614736123331_6937943023913717100_n  10672334_373616149456523_7723646413890017278_n



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