Ambient Performances


These performers entertain while mingling, roving or performing multiple sets throughout an eventing. Their presence adds an exciting ambience to your party! Most acts listed on the Aerial, Ground and Fire pages can be performed ambiently and additionally we offer the following options for entertainment throughout the occasion! Click here to request a free entertainment quote online.


Costumed Stiltwalker & Stilt Creatures

With many talented stiltwalkers and a variety of costumes available Inner Orbit Arts is sure to have the right fit for your event’s theme. From elegant greeters to fanciful four-legged stilt creatures our performers have something wonderful in store for you!


The Silver Lady

The Silver Victorian Lady is a beautiful statue come to life. She captures the audience with the smallest movement: a gentle smile or impish wink. She is the perfect addition to a garden party atmosphere.


Flag and Fan Dancing

Flag dancing adds a splash of color and movement to a more traditional ambient dancing routine and can be done while stilting or ambient dancing on a platform or while mingling with guests.


Aerial Champagne Pour

 Greet your guests with champagne poured by an aerial bartender! Champagne is poured from a trapeze and passed out to your guests. One bartending assistant is required for this act.


Costumed Characters

Go-Go Dancing

Tarot Reader/Fortune Teller

Click here to request a quote online.


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