Ground Acts


Ground Acts – Using a variety of disciplines and objects to display great feats of precision, balance, strength and creativity, our roster of ground acts is diverse and sure to wow you!

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Acrobatic Hula Hoop Act

 This act begins with one hula hoop and ends with 20! Great feats of balance, strength and flexibility are featured in this not-to-be-missed act.

Hula Hoop Act with Vintage CostumeHoop Act with White CostumeHula Hoop Act with Vintage Costume

Contortion and Handbalancing

Balancing, coordination and of course incredible feats of flexibility are featured in all contortion acts.



Clubs, Balls, Rings, Hats and more can be juggled by our incredible performers!

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Solo Acrobatics & Cyr Wheel

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Partner Balancing & Acrobatics

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Belly Dancing


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